A Conference for Emerging Writers




“To climb the glass mountain, one first requires a good reason.”

—Donald Barthelme, 1931-1989

in 2006 several undergraduate students at the University of Houston saw the need for a journal that would be the counterpart to Gulf Coast, the journal edited by graduate creative writing students at UH. The undergraduate students pooled their creative resources, and in a little over a year the Spring 2007 premiere issue hit the presses.

our journal’s name was inspired by a line from a short story written by Donald Barthelme, one of the founders of the University of Houston’s Creative Writing program.  In his short story “Glass Mountain” he wrote “To climb the glass mountain, one first requires a good reason.”

the glass mountain, a sky scraper like the many we have here in Houston, represented the achievement of what seemed impossible when we first began laying plans.  Our good reason was simple: our journal was needed. Scores of new voices needed expression and a place to be heard, both on the printed page and at our readings and gatherings. A community of emerging writers needed a platform within the already vibrant arts community of Houston and beyond.

with the success of Glass Mountain came a desire to reach further into the community to encourage writers in their craft.  From that desire came the Boldface Conference for Emerging Writers.  The inaugural conference was held in June 2009 and has become an annual event which takes place each May, and through which we take new strides to ensure that developing writers have the community and support they need.

part of that support includes events such as special readings and open-mic evenings featuring undergraduate and graduate writers.  Each November Glass Mountain also presents its annual fundraiser, Write-a-thon – a fun and upbeat day of writing and contests that helps provide funding and scholarships for Boldface.

our journal continues to offer emerging writers a unique national platform for publication, with high literary standards in print and online. As Glass Mountain continues to grow and thrive, we remain committed to the writing community and to quality work. We invite you to read, submit, attend, enjoy.

for more information, visit the Glass Mountain website click here